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This book reflects the various styles of poetry like prose, metaphor, simile, etc. One fairy tale (Lisa’s Unforgettable Stories: First Mommy Series), seven stories in all with twelve short stories to follow. One book was written in memory of Mom. This book of poetry is the fifth. There are 355 brand new poems and, also, about seventy brand-new written songs. Again, some R&B but most are gospel.

All books, poems, songs, and stories written were inspired by God. I give God the glory for the inspiration to write them, the talent to do so and to edit them, and the blessing to be able to have them published. It was very hard work, but Jesus is my coauthor, and he only brought and saw me through. I must give him the praise and honor for blessing me abundantly with much favor and encouraging me to finish each project that he gave the inspiration for.

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Poetically Speaking: Artistically is a collection of poems that speak about the many aspects of love, romance, and faith. Thelma Cunningham has written a poetry collection that readers will find entertaining and heartwarming as well.

Poetically Speaking covers a range of topics, including the heartbreak of love. In poems like “Swore” the narrator laments a lost love: “I was deceived by love/I gave my best and when this one ends/This is surely enough and I say to you heart/never, never again.” In other poems like “I Love You” the narrator expresses her affection for a partner: “I love you because/ Your thoughts are beautiful/ Your actions are kind.” The poems about a wedding day and the narrator’s husband are also very romantic. The text has poems about God and faith. Additionally, she mixes Bible verses such as The Beatitudes into the text to focus on her faith, a recurring theme in the book. Poems such as “Stairway to Jesus” show a narrator’s faith and devotion to her Christian beliefs.

Cunningham also writes about topical issues like the death of Trayvon Martin in poems like “Who Was I” and “The Hoodie”. Another poem, “Black Lives Matter” movingly lists the names of African-Americans killed by police and asks for a nonviolent response. “Love/Care/Serve God/United for the Good is the Goal.”

Cunningham’s writing is poignant and evocative. Her writing in poems like “Here Comes Spring” offer vivid descriptions about the seasons of the year that will have readers easily imagining the flowers  blooming in spring or ladybugs crawling on flowers in the summer. Cunningham has written numerous poems, but they are short and memorablewith the optimistic and inspirational verses.

Poetically Speaking would be best for readers who are fans of poetry of Maya Angelou. Cunningham’s poems about love and faith are similar to Angelou’s, especially in her tribute to Angelou, “Maya.” Cunningham’s poems would be great for fans of Nikki Giovanni, another African-American poet who wrote classic poetry about love. The book would also be best for readers who want to read spiritual or Christian-based texts. Additionally, the book could be for readers who want to explore poems about modern topical events as well.

Poetically Speaking is a poetry collection which readers can easily relate to and enjoy.
The book will have inspiring poetry for readers to love.


The US Review of Books

Poetically Speaking: Artistically
by Thelma Cunningham


“He ran through valleys,
Over mountains and pathways,
And ran until he was delivered from all problems.”


While Cunningham’s poetry compilation covers a range of emotions using a multitude of figurative devices, art forms, and experimental verse, the resonating themes are love and faith. With a combination of hundreds of poems and sixty-two original song lyrics, there is an undeniable substance with which audiences can engage.

In the first section, Cunningham best depicts the ever-changing seasons of love in “At Someone.” Using a mixture of repetition and imagery, she builds a rhythm for her poetry strongly reminiscent of musical lyrics. The poetry delves into all types of love—from “Silent Love” and “Wedding Day” to “Torn Heart”—but the poet’s fearlessness with her words is what stands out. Moreover, she is unafraid to foray into a myriad of poetic forms, including haikus and an ode to the moon that reflects the phases of a relationship.

In poems like “I Thought Just For A Moment” and “If Were ‘PEACE,’” Cunningham envisions peace as a pastel green, the color of rolling hills, and encourages readers to strip away the chaos of daily life and embrace God’s loving presence. She juxtaposes the idea of peace with the Black Lives Matter movement later in the poetry. For aficionados of spiritual awakening, “Jesus Love” and “Desert Demons” are among the many poems that unpack complex topics like temptation and unconditional love. Nevertheless, the most unique section of the anthology is the soulful melodies like “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD LAST FOREVER” that she has composed. Cunningham’s work is simultaneously comprehensive and creative with a strong grasp of poetic structure, an understanding of when to break form for the desired effect, and an undoubtedly well-informed perspective on the mindset of modern society.